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Today is a great day for us, we acquired an amazing app and entered into Shopify segment. We now have two great CMSes to focus on – WordPress and Shopify.

SEO Doctor is an unique and intelligent SEO app for shopify. Install this app, switch on the auto pilot and it does the job for you. Yes, as simple as that.

It has over 448 reviews at the moment and 4.6 stars of average review. Its regarded as one of the most sought after SEO app in shopify ecosystem.

We are very thankful to the team at Kudobuzz from whom we have aquired the app. They were very helpful and transparent throughout the process.

We are planning to continue supporting the app and release frequent / useful updates. Start your free trial today for the best seo app for shopify.

2 comments on “We just acquired SEO Doctor”

  • Mason Hallow

    We wish you guys 100% success on your acquisition of SEO doctor

    • Vikas Singhal (author)

      Thanks Mason.

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