Facebook Like Popup Box

Facebook Like Popup Box

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Show a popup like box when a user visits your Prestashop shop!

Here’s a great way to increase Facebook likes for your shop.  Add this enticing widget to your site and a Facebook like box will pop up with the lightbox effect when a user visits your shop.  The Facebook widget will show up on your page about 10 seconds (by default) after the page loads.  This is a surefire way to dramatically increase your likes.

The popup will be shown once per user per visit and you can configure the delay after which the popup is being shown.

Note: This module is ad supported and you cannot remove ads without prior permission from the developer. To remove ads and more features, view PRO version:

  • Choose from light or dark theme.
  • Responsive design
  • Load ‘lite’ version on mobile devices
  • Change popup revisit duration
  • Close popup when ‘Like’ button is clicked
  • No Ads